• Vacation

    Disney Trip Tips

    Taking our kids to Disneyland is always such a blessing. Getting to see their faces light up with the magic Disney brings is something that will always bring so much joy to my heart! This time around there were a few things we would had done differently if we had known.

  • Parenting

    Summer Packets

    So excited to put together a list of the things we use over summer to keep the girls up on their academics! It might just be the teacher in me, but I get so excited preparing these for them and enjoy spending some time watching them grow in their abilities! So in a nutshell I put together binders for them with Math, ELA, and Reading Logs, I create an incentive program for completing work and finishing books, I have a few academic based digital programs I let them use, and lastly use two digital programs for physical activity. It sounds like a lot but, it’s not! I am here to…

  • Home


    It’s about time someone got going with a good quality scent system for the home! Pura is a fragrance diffuser that is SMART! Yep you read that right! It connects to your smartphone via bluetooth and then you can control what scent is diffused, at what intensity level and when! I purchased this right before Thanksgiving and love it just as much as I did day one. I have never gotten a scent that I don’t absolutely love! If you are like me, and like your home to smell like the season, this is a major game changer! I recommend one for your entryway and one for your main living…

  • Faith Focused Fridays

    Faith Focused Friday Psalm 143:8

    This verse speaks to my soul in such a deep deep way! It warms me up and always reminds me that I am not alone! How beautiful it is to know that we are His. I pray often that He will light the path He wants me to take so that I can ultimately honor Him and live the life I was meant to carry out! I pray this also over my husband and children. It would be so easy if He could just tell us, but we have to be willing to listen and His will for us will be clear. We are truly blessed to know that this…

  • Faith Focused Fridays

    Faith Focused Friday Psalms 62:6

    I will not be shaken! Those are big words with a powerful meaning. I feel like it is so easy to be “shaken”. Someone ticks you off while you are driving, you’ve asked your child for the 1000th time to put their shoes on, you are worried about your marriage, you cannot stop thinking about your ill family member…. how do we stand firm – the Word of God. We can find peace in knowing who he is and how much he loves us. We can lean on Him and use Him and Him alone as a foundation when fear feels like it is taking over. Friends, I have been…

  • Baby and Kids

    Hello Bello

    I don’t know why I never used a diaper subscription before! Holy Easy! I guess third time is a charm! We took the plunge with our littlest and signed up! I considered a couple different companies but really wanted to give Hello Bello a try, plus Kristen Bell! All the hype is real! The diapers work, are well priced and absolutely adorable! The wipes are 99% water, which I love! We use them for the baby but keep that handy in the kitchen for little hands, who am I kidding, sometimes mommy even needs a wipe! The subscription comes in a themed box that you can use for play. In…

  • Parenting

    Parenting Books For Behavior Management

    Let me tell you about my girls! First off, I couldn’t be more in love with each of them nor want any less than the very best as they grow up and become their own person in society! My prayer is always, that their heart is focused on God and that they seek the path He has laid out for them! With that being said, there is no manual for how to handle your kids, but I will say it is not something you can do on your own. I have intentionally chosen to invest my time into learning about their cognitive ability and readiness to handle certain situations based…

  • Faith Focused Fridays

    Faith Focused Friday

    Today I choose the verse Isiah 53:5. This is such a raw and convicting verse! Although it is hard to fathom what Jesus physically went through, it is necessary to remind us to be humble, kind, and grateful but most of all and at the very least respectful to our God and His sacrifices for us.

  • Family

    Family Game Night

    We LOVE family game night (now) and, since Covid came around we are doing games nights very often, at least weekly. We’ve gotten really good at them! As silly as it sounds the first few were a complete mess. We were fighting over which game to play, who got to pick what, who goes first, who won and who gets to pick the snack! All I was trying to do was spend time together, who knew it could be so complicated. I guess when you have three kids, one being a baby it can make something as simple as playing a game, so very complicated. Now that we have a…

  • Faith Focused Fridays

    Faith Focused Friday

    This week’s verse is such a good reminder that it is never too late to do what makes you happy! Proverbs 13:12 reminds us that “Hope Deferred makes the heart sick, but a dream fulfilled is a tree of life”. Why is that so? I really think that when you are doing something that fills your cup, you feel good! God wants us to feel good, He wants us to be happy! Take a long hard look at your situation, are you happy? Is God at the core? If you are, then keep it up girl! If not, first… pray about it, make little changes and take small steps. Set…