Disney Trip Tips

If you are heading to Disney, Get Excited! We just got back from a three day trip and had such an awesome time with our two big girls! Here are some tips/things that worked well for us and a few things we would’ve changed!

ONE: Download the Disneyland App! This will make your life so much easier! Here are the things we used the app for; hotel check in/out, mobile ordering our meals (I will definitely be giving you more detail about this), to check wait times for rides, maps of the parks, reserving your spot for the virtual queue (more detail on this as well), park hours and times for shows.

TWO: Bring your own water bottles! We brought our Yeti cups full of ice and a bottle for each of us per day… we still ended up buying water but a lot less than we would’ve if we came with nothing. They are $4 a pop and it is HOT!

THREE: Depending on the age of your kiddos, bring a stroller, preferably with storage on the bottom (so nice to not have to carry everything all day)! Our girl is almost six and used it, almost the whole time, it is also a great place to put those water bottles!

FOUR: Right now Disneyland is moving toward mobile ordering your food. You can order, pay for, and reserve a time for pick up, for all of your meals first thing in the morning. This is what I would suggest so that you don’t have to worry about what and where you are going to eat. The pick up times will actually become unavailable for the popular hours of the day so you can be limited to when and where you eat if you don’t plan ahead. Some places will accept walk up ordering but most of them are all mobile order. Definitely would suggest planning your meals ahead of time.

FIVE: If you are planning on experiencing the new Star Wars ride or the new Spiderman ride you have to reserve your spot on the virtual queue. You can do this on the app up to five days before your reserved park day. They fill up so fast. We did not know that you had to do it that far in advance and missed our chance to ride either of the rides. By the time we realized you had to do this, they were already completely booked for both days.

SIX: It is really hard to do the whole park in one day. If you are only visiting each park for one day, make a must have lists for rides you don’t want to miss and plan your day accordingly.

SEVEN: Wait until you are ready to leave the park to do your shopping so that you don’t have carry everything you buy around the park, and/or risk getting it lost or stolen.

What we packed in our backpack: water bottles, sunscreen, mini first aid kit, hand sanitizer, sanitizer wipes, a few snacks, and a portable phone charger.

Click the link on the photos below to shop! Here is what we were wore and took with us!