Faith Focused Fridays

Faith Focused Friday Psalms 62:6

I will not be shaken! Those are big words with a powerful meaning. I feel like it is so easy to be “shaken”. Someone ticks you off while you are driving, you’ve asked your child for the 1000th time to put their shoes on, you are worried about your marriage, you cannot stop thinking about your ill family member…. how do we stand firm – the Word of God. We can find peace in knowing who he is and how much he loves us. We can lean on Him and use Him and Him alone as a foundation when fear feels like it is taking over. Friends, I have been shaken…. multiple times in my life. Lets work together to focus on prayer and find peace from it when things get scary, when things get tough, when things get shaky… Let’s not be shaken!

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  • Lindsey

    This is so good! I struggle this this and get shaken on the daily- time to find a better coping mechanism to refocus and lean into God so I am not shaken. 💚