Faith Focused Fridays

Faith Focused Friday Psalm 143:8

This verse speaks to my soul in such a deep deep way! It warms me up and always reminds me that I am not alone! How beautiful it is to know that we are His. I pray often that He will light the path He wants me to take so that I can ultimately honor Him and live the life I was meant to carry out! I pray this also over my husband and children. It would be so easy if He could just tell us, but we have to be willing to listen and His will for us will be clear.

We are truly blessed to know that this worldly place is only temporary and that we will have the pleasure of eternal peace. Thank you Lord for you dedication to us, your unconditional love and your ultimate sacrifice so that we could be close to you and never have to feel alone while we live our humanly day to day lives!

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