Family Game Night

We LOVE family game night (now) and, since Covid came around we are doing games nights very often, at least weekly. We’ve gotten really good at them! As silly as it sounds the first few were a complete mess. We were fighting over which game to play, who got to pick what, who goes first, who won and who gets to pick the snack! All I was trying to do was spend time together, who knew it could be so complicated. I guess when you have three kids, one being a baby it can make something as simple as playing a game, so very complicated. Now that we have a system and have created the proper environment, I figured I could help out some mommas who may have had some game nights go south!

We realized it has a lot to do with the games we were choosing to play and our mindset when we sit down to play. We had to find games that both girls could feel like they were a part of, for them to really enjoy it! I have put together a list of games below that we LOVE that will work for ages 4-12ish! We also had to remember that the point of game night is to spend time together not to see who is the best at it! Although we celebrate wins, we do it lovingly and cheer each other on throughout! This has really taken the stress of winning out of game night and greatly adds to the fun! We laugh so much more when we are not so concerned about the winner.

Here is a typical game night in a nut shell! Each kiddo gets to pick a game they know each other can play (these are designated)! We always pop popcorn for a snack and they each get to refill their bowl as many times as they want until the bag is empty 🙂 We sit at they dinning room table and for the most part team up: 5 year old plus mommy or daddy and the 9 year old plus mommy or daddy! This makes the games a little more fair and its fun to have a partner to help you out, cheer you on. This also allows us to play more types of games because we can help our little 5 year old out, without her feeling like she is too small to play.

This has become something that we really love. We play games now with grandma and grandpa when they come and auntie and uncle etc. It has been so wonderful to watch their little personalities come out and to hear them giggle as they root for each other.

Here are some incredible games for the family that you may not of heard of, as well as some classics that you probably already have! These are great for ages 4 (with a little help) to 12ish!

Here are a few that are so great for ages 8 and up! We play these with Brooklyn when Emma and the baby go to bed!