About Me

Hey Friends! Krystal here! First and foremost, thank you for being here! I am so excited to have a small part in this space. Looking forward to sharing some great finds with you and some encouragement along the way! I am a believer and am heavily rooted in His holy word. I find my hope, comfort and strength in Jesus.  I am married to my handsome husband Richard. We have three beautiful girls together, Brooklyn, Emma and Chloe! I am a former 3rd grade teacher and have a pretty huge thing for coffee, I rarely wear shoes and I know and absolutely love the show Friends! 

I took the plunge in starting Rags and Religion because I want to help others feel confident in their everyday attire. I have always had a thing for clothes, outfits and putting it all together. I love to use one piece as inspiration for an entire outfit. It motivates me to help others make outfits out of pieces they already have and then use them in multiple ways. I hope to help women step out of their comfort zone and try out finds they may not have picked out on their own! I am also here to share parenting with you all! Every momma needs to know that they are not in this journey alone, we need each other! So let’s share ideas, routines, the good, the bad and the ugly. My goal here is to be real with you, share everyday outfits and life, as we journey our day to day with each other.

Thank you again for being here! Your support means so much to me! I do use affiliate links and make a small commission off of them each time you purchase through those links! This is how Rags and Religion operates and again your support means the world to me.