Summer Packets

So excited to put together a list of the things we use over summer to keep the girls up on their academics! It might just be the teacher in me, but I get so excited preparing these for them and enjoy spending some time watching them grow in their abilities! So in a nutshell I put together binders for them with Math, ELA, and Reading Logs, I create an incentive program for completing work and finishing books, I have a few academic based digital programs I let them use, and lastly use two digital programs for physical activity. It sounds like a lot but, it’s not! I am here to help you put it all together in whatever way that works best for your home and most importantly your kiddos and their needs.

Packets: Everything that is printed out for the packets is from Teachers Pay Teachers! They have a ton of pre made packets in all grade levels that you can just print out and use but I like to go through them and organize what I want my kids to work on based on their needs. They are usually 40-100 pages

Incentives: Incentives is a major piece to gaining your kiddos buy-in. I do everything in my power to find interesting activities to keep their interest. Oddly enough my girls look forward to their binders over summer. This year I printed already made tickets. So when they finish their reading log bookshelf they get a ticket. When they complete 10 worksheets they get a ticket etc. You can do whatever works best for your kids. It can be anything from a lollipop to earning screen time.

Digital Learning Games: I have done a large amount of research and downloads/deletes in this area. It can be completely overwhelming and so defeating to get a few apps/games and find out they are all terrible! As a former teacher I am very picky about how the app works and what it is they are learning! I’ve done the searching for you! Here are the apps/games that we LOVE in addition to Osmo, for learning! These are apps that actually give your kiddos academic practice. Some of them you have to pay for monthly, so I just pay for the few months of summer and then stop the subscription, unless I think it may be something we will use all year long. ABCYa (grades PreK-6), Starfall (grades 1-3), Homer (grades PreK-3), Khan Academy Kids (ages 2-8+), Tappity (Science for K-5).

Physical Activity: Lastly, we use Go Noodle and Cosmic Kids Yoga almost everyday of summer break! After breakfast we get the wiggles out no matter what we are doing or where we are going that day. I have just noticed that when we start the day that way all those positive endorphins makes for an easy, happy day!

I hope this is helpful! Please fire away any questions you have, this is something I truly enjoy!

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