Parenting Books For Behavior Management

Let me tell you about my girls! First off, I couldn’t be more in love with each of them nor want any less than the very best as they grow up and become their own person in society! My prayer is always, that their heart is focused on God and that they seek the path He has laid out for them! With that being said, there is no manual for how to handle your kids, but I will say it is not something you can do on your own. I have intentionally chosen to invest my time into learning about their cognitive ability and readiness to handle certain situations based on their emotional capability. Before reading on, please know that I am very aware that what may work for our household and our kiddos may not work for others and that is what makes the human society so beautiful. It allows us to share our experiences in hopes that tidbits here or there may help someone!

Behavior Management: Oh man! Naturally I am a very calm person and function best with routine and order. My oldest is 9, she has a heart of gold and is a people pleaser (very similar personality to me). When she was little, we had to practice how to use our words and not our tears when something was wrong as she tended to be pretty emotional when upset about something. As she grew up and grew out of it, she is pretty easy going and at this point very trustworthy. Along comes Emma, she is 5 and has given us the biggest run for our money and the winner of adding the most grey hairs to mommy’s head. She is SO tenderhearted, always concerned for her sisters and SO very sensitive, but most likely one of the most stubborn humans I have ever met. She does not like to comply and easily knows how to get my engine running from 0-100. I know her stubbornness, creativity and ability to think and do outside the box will cause her to be successful with big things! But my goal right now is to keep her safe and healthy which means I need her to listen the first time when I ask something of her. I have read countless parenting books and I have tried so many methods and systems with her. After SO much reading and so many practices I have found a few really helpful books that match who I am as a parent and have become very effective in our relationship! I also believe that as she is getting older I am able to learn more about her personality and what motivates her to make good choices! Here are a few books that have helped me to manage my responses to my kiddos when their behavior needs coaching.


  • Colleen

    This is GOLD! Girl, you are so very relateable. I hope you have more and more moms following you.

  • Lindsey

    All the yes! Every kid is so different and need sister right things at different stages. I totally agree with why you said- that you have to find what fits your parenting style and goals and where you kids are. Parenting through the cross- still has its moments that feel impossible!!! BUT with Grace and God we can do it! 💛💛 hugs!!